UniQMG's Blog: I made a blog...

I made a blog...

…and on it I shall share:

  • Cool projects
  • Rants on game ideas
  • Other thoughts

It’s a bit primitive at the moment, but more will come in time.


A few static HTML pages are easy to maintain by hand. A blog with a rich ecosystem of indexes, tags, perhaps comments and more, less so. Authoring HTML files by hand requires a lot of header copypasta and manual editing.

Static Site Generators (SSGs) were created to fill the gap between server template rendering and static files. And I. Hate. All of them.

So I made my own.

An early version of RC-SSG shown in a text editor

I don’t remember if I wanted to write a blog and ended up writing an SSG, or wanted to write an SSG and used a blog as the excuse, but I ended up creating both in the process.

What makes RC-SSG neat

I like the approach of code following content structure. Early dynamic web servers picked a program to generate a response from the filesystem based on the URL path!

In RC-SSG, every HTML file is an entry point. Special <script type="ssg-control"> tags are used to set up template, data, dependency, and one-to-many relationships. A single file can output an instance per some arbitrary data, or act entirely as a requireable library. Untouched files are copied directly to the output folder.

No configuration by default (or available at all, at the moment) and an easy way to control and interact with preprocessed HTML files makes writing pages with RC-SSG fun.

See the GitLab page if you want to learn more.