Submission guidelines

Hard and fast rules

  1. Submitting work you did not create is prohibited.
  2. NSFW content is prohibited.


  1. Content should represent an original work or notable effort.
  2. Derivative skins are allowed, but must be disclosed so that they can be properly marked and attributed.
  3. Skins should resemble blocks, tiles, icons, or other discrete shapes: random images, randomized pixels ('white noise' or any other color of noise), and low effort memes (e.g. simple recolored tiles made of trollfaces, 🤔, amogus, etc.) are likely to be rejected.
  4. Skins should score reasonably on the rubric below.

Skins uploaded prior to this guideline or under previous revisions are exempt.

Author-page only submissions

Submissions can have restricted visibility, and will only be visible when viewing your author page or when enabled in search results. This type of content is more relaxed in terms of quality control, so even if your content violates the guidelines you may be able to list it here.

Formatting your import correctly

Submissions are handled using TETR.IO PLUS's automatic imports functionality. Your submission must import automatically in TETR.IO PLUS (except for author-page only submissions).

Custom previews

Submissions can have arbitrary media set as their preview. Only exceptionally high quality media is allowed to be used. Make sure your preview is focused on your content with minimum unnecessary detail.

For example, when previewing skins, use Zen mode with no extra UI, levelling off, and no background. When other content must be visible, use vanilla or invisible/silent content (e.g. use an invisible block skin when your submission is only for your board skin. Use the vanilla skin when previewing a music graph).

Skin rubric

This rubric will help you gauge whether your skin is considered to have a reasonable level of quality. This rubric doesn't account for every possible factor, so if you feel it doesn't properly evaluate your skin feel free to try submitting it anyway.


  • Is the skin visually interesting? 0 +10 (e.g. low score: solid color or lazy drawing)
  • How detailed is the skin? 0 +2
  • Does the skin have a self-consistent artstyle? +1


  • Is the skin connected? +2
  • Is the skin non-trivially connected? +3 (e.g. puyos) +3
  • Is the skin non-trivially animated? +2
  • Does the skin include all applicable pieces? +1 (e.g. all connections, ghost and topout)


  • Does the skin tile properly? +2
  • Does the skin have meaningful variants? +2 (straight recolors aren't meaningful)
  • Does this creator have a history of high quality submissions? -5 +2


  • Is the skin a meme? -5
  • Is the skin made up of non-block images? -4
  • Is the skin based on another skin? -2 (Excludes game remakes. Derivative mark still required.)
  • Is the skin unplayable? -3

Scoring above a 10 will most likely have your submission approved.

Last updated: 2022-01-05
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